General check

Remember that health is not played. Frequent monitoring can be essential to your life. Early diagnosis of diseases can ensure a higher percentage of early recovery from it.

In our general check-up service,

a check-up of all parts of your body will be sought to rule out the existence of all kinds of diseases that may exist.

General check

Specialized tests seek to rule out cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, cancers or diabetes, kidney, hepatobiliary, endocrinological, oncological and infectious pathologies/disease.

Among the diagnostic evaluations we perform are:

Complete blood count

A complete blood count is a blood test used to assess general health and screen for a wide variety of diseases, including anemia, infections, and leukemia.

Urine analysis

A urinalysis is a test that is done on urine. It is used to detect and monitor a wide variety of disorders, such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease, and diabetes.


An electrocardiogram records the electrical signals of the heart. It is a common and painless test used to quickly detect heart problems and monitor heart health.


The echocardiogram is a fundamental diagnostic test because it offers a moving image of the heart. Using ultrasound, echocardiography provides information about the shape, size, function, strength of the heart, movement and thickness of its walls, and the function of its valves.


Spirometry is a common office test used to assess how well your lungs are working by measuring how much air you breathe in, how much you breathe out, and how quickly you breathe out.

Diagnostic imaging

Imaging allows health professionals to look inside the body to look for signs of a medical condition. A variety of devices and techniques can create images of the structures and processes within your body.