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We listen to what you need

We will attend to all the doubts you have and we will answer you as soon as possible, in 6 different languages.

We look for the best option for you

We will take care of doing an exhaustive search until we find the entity that meets your needs.

We walk you through the process

At all times we will be advising you throughout the trajectory of your relevant appointments.

Do you want to know more about our services?


We will take care of giving you the most complete service possible, that includes the accommodation part.


We also promise to provide you with the part of the transportation or transfer of the places necessary for the treatment.


At all times we will help you with the relevant translations of the language so that you are always informed of everything.

City services

You will have the services of the city available, so that in addition to being treated, you can enjoy a good stay.


Plastic and aesthetic surgery

Rare diseases


Capillary graft


General check


Orthopedics and trauma


Assisted reproduction


"The service was really exceptional, they were with me at all times since this process began."

Andrea Martinelli Patient

"At the beginning I had doubts, but all of them dissipated after the first time we were able to talk, everything was really very professional."

Eduardo Mosquera Patient

"An excellent treatment from the beginning, really that in the weeks that I was in Barcelona they behaved at the height of the service."

Marco Pérez Patient

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