The entire neurological part of a human's body is very delicate. This is why you should seek to be treated by the best specialists, just the ones we have at your disposal.

You must go to our service

of neurology when you mainly present these alarm signs: Intense or continuous headache. Pain radiating down the arms or legs. Loss of sensation in the extremities or tremors.


Neurology is a specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the brain and nervous system. Our neurologists treat you for all kinds of conditions that can affect your entire body.

Among the diseases of this branch that we treat the most are:


Tinnitus or tinnitus is a perception of noise in the ears or in the head without an external source of sound and without registering cochlear vibratory activity, a phenomenon that occurs when faced with external noise.


Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. Symptoms usually develop slowly and worsen over time, until they are so severe that they interfere with daily tasks.


Ataxia describes a lack of muscle control or coordination of voluntary movements, such as walking or picking up objects. As a sign of an underlying condition, ataxia can affect various movements, creating difficulties with speech, eye movement, and swallowing.