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We know that any family that is displaced by medical treatment will be concerned in every way. Not only because of the disease, but also because of the difficulties involved in moving to another country or city.

Once the countdown has begun, multiple tasks appear that are added to a situation that is already stressful enough: looking for accommodation, booking, clarifying doubts, calling, answering communications, shopping, etc., and often in an unknown language and in different cultures.

Most hospitals and clinics

receive both national and international patients and giving them the care they deserve requires extraordinary effort. Whether it’s because of language, lack of time or coordination between different departments, resulting in a lack of productivity, unnecessary duplication of tasks and a bad experience for your employees and for your patients.

We at Medrism take care of resolving all the doubts and requests that those patients and their families have when they arrive at a completely unknown destination.

We could be the patient's first contact before arriving in Barcelona.

We solve doubts and help:

Medrism would respond to all these services.

We support the patient at all times until they arrive at their hospital or clinic and beyond.

We help before arrival, during and after.

We have a wide range of suppliers

that give us a lot of flexibility for our patients. We also have discounts for hotels and apartments for short or long stays. Sometimes they provide us with a few free nights for those patients who do not have resources. We try to help all kinds of patients and pathologies.

We control the development of each pathology, we are in communication at all times with patient managers and social workers, as well as with clinics and doctors.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services and how we work.

We facilitate the work of many hospitals and clinics. And many patients appreciate it.

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